HSI Garden View for commercial landscaping needs

Garden View's mulch yard and nursery can provide an abundance of annual color, shrubs & trees, specialty flowers, hardwood & softwood mulch, and specialty soils to complete all of your commercial landscaping needs.

We are a Part of a Houston-based company that
has served the community for over 30 years.



Only landscape company in Houston that grows annual color in greenhouses on premises to provide a fresh supply of flowers, flowering shrubs, and shrubs and grasses for all your gardening projects.



We are equipped to offer a full array of annual color flowers and shrubbery to meet the needs of commercial gardeners. Our mulch will add the finishing touch to any landscape design.



We have a mulch yard on site and create the mulch that we have for sale by the yard. We make our own hardwood and softwood mulch and offer specialty soil suited for this growing area.